About Us

HerStory is about women telling their stories in their own words. It aims to give all women a space to share their story in the way they choose.

HerStory started very simply – with women meeting women and exchanging their stories: in homes, in cafes, in unions and in women’s community groups. Sometimes, the women weren’t sure what their story was. Some thought their story wouldn’t be interesting enough to share or wasn’t important. Others knew from the start that they wanted to share what they could – to help others feel less alone, to empower others.

As the women spoke about their stories, they shared their hopes, their disappointments, things that embarrassed them, things that made them feel good. The stories you read on HerStory are the unaltered stories, as told by the women themselves: Louise, Maria, Marissa, LeaSuwanna, Leigh, Florence, Joy, Sara and Aurora.

If you would like to share your story then please be in touch with us. We would love to hear from you. For queries of any kind or to submit your story, please email Anna & Pam at: contact@herstory.blog

Below are a list of organisations and charities which provide support to women across the country and deal especially with some of the issues raised in this edition of HerStory. If you would like more information or support on any of the issues raised please see:

Young Women’s Trust

A national organisation that provides support, coaching and campaigning for young women from all backgrounds, in all areas of life including relationships and work.

Positively UK 

An UK-based organization which provides peer-led support, advocacy and information to everyone living with HIV to manage any aspect of diagnosis, care and life with HIV.


A sexual health charity dedicated to providing culturally specific sexual health services to Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic communities. This organization offers HIV testing, care, support and counselling for those living with HIV.

Sophia Forum

An organization which promotes and advocates for the rights, health, welfare and dignity of women living with HIV.

NIA Project

An organization providing support for women affected by sexual violence, domestic abuse and other forms of trauma.

RASASC (0808 802 9999)

A rape and sexual abuse support centre national telephone line which provides confidential, anonymous support and advice for women as well as offering a counselling service.


A UK-wide organization offering support and advice for anyone coping with mental health difficulties.

Home Start

An organization which offers support services for families.

Voice of Domestic Workers

A support network and campaign group for migrant domestic workers, based in Holborn, London and offering support for domestic workers across the nation, from all backgrounds.

Doctors of the World

A health charity which provides free and confidential medical help and support by trained doctors and nurses to anyone regardless of immigration status.